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About the Cambridge Tutor

I am a fully-qualified teacher with a BA (Hons) and MA from the University of Cambridge. My teaching experience spans primary, secondary and sixth form, specialising in English Language but also including the teaching of Maths to primary pupils and less-confident GCSE students.

I understand the needs of pupils and parents who struggle with maths. At school, my maths skills were so poor I wasn't even entered for the exams; yet now I help those who struggle and have an excellent success record. My empathy with the struggle is what makes me good at what I do.

The comment I hear most from parents is 'I want to help my child but don't know how.' For some parents, this is down to a lack of confidence in their own maths' skills. Others have a good understanding of mathematical concepts but don't understand the methods their child is learning at school.

My videos aim to explain mathematical concepts using visual aids that link to what is happening to the numbers. The videos are aimed at parents but are appropriate for pupils too. Ideally, parents and children will watch these together and have a go at some of the activities that follow the tutorials.


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